Our Recruiting Process

What separates us from other recruiting companies is our customer - focused recruiting process which we develop in three distinct phases: Research, Plan & Execute

  • Research Phase

    Our recruiting process begins with introductory and exploratory meetings which focus on:

    • Your detailed job descriptions
    • Your internal candidate evaluation and onboarding processes
    • Your external market challenges
  • Planning Phase

    This phase focuses on:

    • Creating a Marketing Plan to optimize candidate flow
    • Building Communication Plan to ensure that candidate information is shared seamlessly between our teams and relevant information is shared with the candidate in a timely manner
  • Execution Phase

    Custom job postings are launched and the candidate screening process begins. Communication and responsiveness are critical in this stage as we strive to deliver the most efficient and effective recruiting process in the industry.


The team at Coast to Coast really heard
our concerns and matched us with
a number of candidates that fit our needs.
We couldn't be happier with our experience.

Working with Coast to Coast has literally saved my business.
Finding drivers has been a huge hurdle for us and
Coast to Coast solved that issue for us.